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ℹ️ 17.4 en 16.7.6 updates beschikbaar 


Voor iOS en iPadOS zijn de 17.4 updates beschikbaar.

Ook voor systeem 16(7.6) zijn er updates en zelfs voor 15 (8.2).

Mac OS X:

Mac Hammer Fan:

--- Citaat van: nnsa,  5 maart 2024 - 19:33 ---Voor iOS en iPadOS zijn de 17.4 updates beschikbaar.

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Dank u nnsa.  :thumbs-up:

Wat is er nieuw in Safari?

Discussie op HN


--- Citaat ---iOS 17.4 is here and ready for a whole new Europe
Apple’s latest iOS update brings support for third-party app stores and alternative browser engines to users in the EU, plus new emoji for everyone.

Apple’s iOS 17.4 update is now available, introducing new emoji and a cryptographic security protocol for iMessage, alongside some major changes to the App Store and contactless payments for the iPhone platform in Europe. Apple is making several of these changes to comply with the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), a law that aims to make the digital economy fairer by removing unfair advantages that tech giants hold over businesses and end users.

iOS 17.4 will allow third-party developers to offer alternative app marketplaces and app downloads to EU users from outside the iOS App Store. Developers wanting to take advantage of this will be required to go through Apple’s approval process and pay Apple a “Core Technology Fee” that charges 50 euro cents per install once an app reaches 1 million downloads annually.

iPhone owners in the EU will see different update notes that specifically mention new options available for app stores, web browsers, and payment options.

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