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January Headline: Programming Language C awarded Programming Language of the Year 2019

Everybody thought that Python would become TIOBE's programming language of the year for the second consecutive time. But it is good old language C that wins the award this time with an yearly increase of 2.4%. Runners up are C# (+2.1%), Python (+1.4%) and Swift (+0.6%).

Why is the programming language C still hot? The major drivers behind this trend are the Internet of Things (IoT) and the vast amount of small intelligent devices that are released nowadays. C excels when it is applied to small devices that are performance-critical. It is easy to learn and there is a C compiler available for every processor. Congratulations to C!

Other interesting winners of 2019 are Swift (from #15 to #9) and Ruby (from #18 to #11). Swift is a permanent top 10 player now and Ruby seems to become one soon.

Some languages that were supposed to break through in 2019 didn't: Rust won only 3 positions (from #33 to #30), Kotlin lost 3 positions (from #31 to #35), Julia lost even 10 positions (from #37 to #47) and TypeScript won just one position (from #49 to #48). Let's see what 2020 has in store for us!

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Leuk om te zien dat Objective-C programmeurs waarschijnlijk overstappen op Swift! En VB.NET programmeurs stappen waarschijnlijk over op C#.


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