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WhatsApp berichten uit een iOS backup halen



--- Citaat ---Hi everyone! 👋 I was recently exploring how to get a local backup of WhatsApp messages from my iPhone. I switched from Android to iOS in the past and lost all of my WhatsApp messages. I wanted to make sure that if I switched again from iOS to Android I don’t lose any messages. I don’t really care if I can import the messages in WhatsApp. I just don’t want to lose all of the important information I have in my chats. I don’t have any immediate plans for switching (if ever) but it seemed like a fun challenge and so I started surveying the available tools and how they work.

This was mostly a learning exercise for me regarding how Apple stores iOS backups and how I can selectively extract information and data from one. My target was to have a local copy of WhatsApp messages that I can read and search through locally. It would be doubly awesome if I can move the messages to an Android device but, as I mentioned before, that wasn’t my main aim.


I hope you learned a thing or two from this article. I had a fun time diving into the weeds of iOS backups. I had no idea how Apple was storing the backup and how easy/hard it was going to be to get the particular file I wanted from that backup. Suffice to say it wasn’t too hard and taught me a few fun things in the process.

--- Einde van citaat ---

Discussie op HN.

En voor gewone stervelingen is er iMazing.  :wink:

Overstappen is het ideale moment om al die zooi eens lekker de digitale hemel in te slingeren.

Ik bewaar sowieso geen enkel bericht.

Maar voor al die mensen met ellenlange lijsten met gesprekken die echt niet weg mogen is dit een goede tip.


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