Google Maps op iPhone taboe (?)
5 juli 2021 - 12:03   
geplaatst door: Max Gaav
Artikel op Forbes: "Why You Shouldn’t Use Google Maps On Your iPhone After Update"

Location data has been central to the privacy debate for years now. First iOS and then Android have given us options to deny, restrict and approximate such data from the dozens of apps that would guzzle our data should we let them.

(...) But even as we have clicked to deny all these apps access under “Location Services” in our iPhone’s settings, we clearly cannot do the same with mapping apps. But while many iPhone users are tied to Google Maps, the alarming privacy label comparison between it and Apple’s alternative should give serious reason for concern.

Evengoed kun je nog wel wat doen aan de data-harvesting van Google. Hierbij een artikel over het deleten van je persoonlijke data bij Google. Inclusief de instellingen die het deleten automatiseren.
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