GoodReader versie 5
geplaatst: 8 februari 2019 - 18:59
Een app die ik zelf al jaren gebruik op mijn iPad is GoodReader. Ik zag vandaag een nieuw icoon op mijn iPad staan. GoodReader versie 5 is een flinke update van het programma, niet alleen de icoon. :wink:

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The latest on GoodReader version 5

GoodReader[UPDATE:  GoodReader 5 was finally released on January 28, 2019.  I'm testing the app now and will post a review soon.]

One of the most important apps for any attorney using an iPad is an app to organize, view and annotate PDF files.  There are quite a few excellent choices out there, but for many years my app of choice has been GoodReader.  The last major update was GoodReader 4, released in 2014.  A lot has changed in the iPad and iOS world since then, so I've been eagerly looking forward to the next major update, GoodReader 5.  For example, version 4 of the app doesn't include advanced support for the Apple Pencil like some other apps, nor does the app support multitasking features such as split screen.

The developer of the app, Yuri Selukoff, teased the version 5 release in April 2017, when he said the following on Facebook:  "It’s a huge update with a completely new design and new features, some you may not even know you'll want until you've seen them!  So fear not, and get ready (or for those of you who’ve been ready, stay ready) – GoodReader 5.0 is on the way!"  Throughout 2017 and into early 2018, I saw similar comments from the developer in response to user reviews on the App Store.  For example, the developer said:  "We understand why the app appears to be abandoned.  There have been no updates for quite a while!  However, we assure you, nothing could be further from the truth.  We're working around the clock on our biggest update ever, GoodReader 5.  It's going to be huge, with features you didn't even know you wanted until you've seen them.  We appreciate your patience!"

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reactie #1 geplaatst: 10 februari 2019 - 12:07
Waardeloze update. Heb GR van mijn iPhone moeten gooien.
Want sinds die update worden mijn XML-spreadsheets (Excel) ongevraagd en automatisch in GR geopend, ipv zoals altijd in een preview (Numbers) scherm.
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reactie #2 geplaatst: 10 februari 2019 - 23:04
Ik ben er nog niet achter of je in iOS ook op de een of andere manier kunt kiezen met welke app je een bepaald type file standaard wilt openen. (“File Type Association”)
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reactie #3 geplaatst: 10 februari 2019 - 23:42
Het vreemde is dat GoodReader blijkbaar wel weet hoe die File Type Association werkt. Alleen laten ze de gebruiker geen keus.
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