De reviews van de iPhone 12 Pro Max
10 november 2020 - 16:47   
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De reviews van de iPhone 12 Pro Max
Heb je een ruim budget, wil je de allerbeste iPhone die er op dit moment te koop is en heb je geen bezwaar tegen een grote telefoon in je zak of tas, dan is de iPhone 12 Pro Max de beste keus voor jou. Hieronder een overzicht van de reviews van dit nieuwe model.

Waarbij een aantal van de conclusies een beetje voor de hand liggen. Want natuurlijk komt het formaat voorbij, want lang niet iedereen is gecharmeerd van zo’n erg grote smartphone, hoewel er Android telefoons bestaan die nog groter zijn. En natuurlijk komt de camera ter sprake, want alleen de iPhone 12 pro Max heeft grotere sensors voor de groothoeklens, en optische beeld­stabilisatie met sensorverschuiving voor diezelfde lens. Dat laatste betekent dat de optische beeld­stabilisatie in deze iPhone gedaan wordt door de sensor met het beeld mee te bewegen.

Nilay Patel voor The Verge:

The combination of the size and flat sides basically demands a case to make it easier to hold, which makes the whole thing even bigger. It's still workable, but it is right on the edge of being too big. I think the size is a reflection of increased choice: this year Apple has more phone sizes available than ever before, including the diminutive iPhone 12 mini, so it had the ability to push the Max even farther.

But: it's still big. I strongly recommend finding a way to safely see the 12 Pro Max's size in person before making a call on ordering one.

Joanna Stern voor The Wall Street Journal: (betaallink)

It is crazy to me, however, that Apple hasn't enabled us to do more on a phone that is practically iPad-size. Why can't I view my inbox on the top half of the screen and my calendar on the bottom, like Samsung allows with its Multi-Window mode? Why does the tiny iPhone Mini allow the same number of rows of home-page app icons and widgets as the iPhone Giant? Why can't I use an Apple Pencil to take notes on the notebook-size device? Apple declined to comment on future software updates.

Chris Velazco voor Engadget:

Overall, I've been able to use the Pro Max for full workdays and still have quite a bit left in the tank the following morning. Full disclosure: Rather than setting this phone up as new, I restored it from a backup the way many iPhone users do. Apple has said previously that background processes related to device restoration can continue for up to a few days after the fact, so it's possible that battery life could improve a bit in time. Anyway, I wouldn't sweat it: Even with a restore, the Pro Max will still get you through a long day with a little extra left over for the next one.

Stuart Miles voor Pocket-lint:

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most comprehensive and expensive iPhone in the 2020 range. That's because there's a lot here: the screen is massive, the cameras - being the main difference over the 12 Pro - are exceptional, and the overall performance is impressive.

Such a large phone won't be to everyone's liking, but if you like your phone big then this delivers that without making the form-factor awkward to hold or use. It's more-or-less the same size as its predecessor, despite offering an even bigger screen.

Raymond Wong voor Input Mag:

I don't think anyone should buy the iPhone 12 Pro for the camera alone. It's not as big of a leap as Apple makes it seem, which is disappointing because I think everyone's expecting a huge difference in image quality. Buy it for the bigger display and longer battery life. If you want to save some money, but still want the triple-lens camera and LiDAR sensor for Night portraits and faster autofocusing in low-light, just get the 12 Pro.

Todd Haselton voor CNBC:

But big is good for people like me who love large screens, even if it means using it with two hands a lot. It means more space for movies, pictures, text on a screen when you’re reading an article and more.

And while I appreciate the big screen, sometimes that added heft was annoying, like when I was in bed holding the phone over my head. It just starts to feel heavier than other phones. It might bother some people. And you need two hands to use it. But, if you drop it, it’s more resistant to drops (as the other iPhone 12 models are) thanks to a new “ceramic shield” front that prevents cracks if it smacks the ground.

Julian Chokkattu voor WIRED:

A big phone also means a big battery, and the good news is battery life here is excellent. I frequently ended up with 45 percent of a charge left by 11 pm after more than five hours of screen-on time. (Yep, totally not just refreshing election results.) You don't need to charge this iPhone every night, just maybe before noon the next day. And would it be amazing if instead of requiring a Lightning cable, Apple let us recharge the phone with USB-C? The same cable I use to recharge my MacBook and iPad Pro? Sure, but ... well, you get it. At least it also charges wirelessly.

David Phelan voor The Independent:

In practice, I found the iPhone 12 cameras across the board better than the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, but the real change comes with the 12 Pro Max, with richer images on the wide lens and closer. In low-light and medium-light situations, the iPhone cameras excel. Apple specialities like Deep Fusion, where multiple images are combined to improve details, are really outstanding. And this year, Deep Fusion is available on all the cameras on every iPhone 12 model, including the front-facing camera.

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10 november 2020 - 18:08    reactie #1
geplaatst door: puk1980
Er waren dagen dat deze dingen nog gewoon "Phablets" heetten. :wink:
The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.
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10 november 2020 - 18:36    reactie #2
geplaatst door: boni
De 12 Pro Max overweeg ik als vervanger van mijn 6s Plus.
Breedte en hoogte vergeleken:

Width 12 Pro Max......78.1   mm 
Width 6s Plus............77.9   mm

Height 12 Pro Max......160.8  mm   
Height 6s Plus............158.2  mm

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11 november 2020 - 12:33    reactie #3
geplaatst door: Triumph
Boni ik ben juist overgegaan van een 6S plus naar iPhone 11 Pro, en ik heb puur naar de schermgrootte gekeken.
Dat was nagenoeg even groot, en bij de iPhone 12 Pro is dat nog iets groter.
Bij MM heb ik mijn iPhone 11 Pro vergeleken met de 12 Pro en het scherm is inderdaad groter.
Dus als jij voor het zelfde scherm grootte wil gaan kijk dan naar de 12 Pro. De buiten maten zijn kleiner dan de 6s plus wat wel wat beter aanvoelt in je broekzak.  IMHU
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11 november 2020 - 12:54    reactie #4
geplaatst door: boni
Dus als jij voor het zelfde scherm grootte wil gaan kijk dan naar de 12 Pro. De buiten maten zijn kleiner dan de 6s plus wat wel wat beter aanvoelt in je broekzak.  IMHU
Bedankt voor de tip. Ik ga de 12 Pro ook is bekijken in de winkel.