De reviews van de iPhone 11 Pro en iPhone 11 Pro Max
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De reviews van de iPhone 11 Pro en iPhone 11 Pro Max
In een eerder nieuwsbericht kon je al de reviews lezen de iPhone 11, maar ook de iPhone 11 Pro en iPhone 11 Pro Max komen natuurlijk hier aan bod. Ook hier een rondje VS, en dus zijn alle reviews prima leesbaar voor iedereen die de Engelse taal machtig is.

In praktisch alle reviews komt naar voren dat de iPhone 11 de beste keuze is voor de meeste mensen, simpelweg omdat de paar extra’s die de 11 Pro modellen bieden voor de meeste mensen het extra geld niet waard zijn. Maar volgens analist Ming-Chi Kuo zou 55 procent van de orders sinds de lancering van de nieuwe modellen daarvoor zijn, wat dus zou betekenen dat de overige 45 procent tot nu toe een iPhone 11 heeft besteld. De grootste verschillen zijn de matte achterkant en de extra telelens op de Pro modellen, en mogelijk dat de kleinere afmetingen van de iPhone 11 Pro hierop ook van invloed kunnen zijn.

• The Verge

The extra money for the Pro basically buys you a far superior display, a telephoto camera, and improved LTE performance. And if you want a smaller phone, the iPhone 11 Pro is a little smaller than the iPhone 11, which seems a tiny bit unfair to people who want smaller phones. (The entire lineup is huge, though, so if you were hoping for something to replace that aging iPhone SE, well, keep waiting.) I’m very picky about displays and cameras, so I’m going to get a Pro. In fact, the cameras on the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro are so improved that I think they’re worth the year-over-year upgrade from last year’s models for the first time in a long time. Add in the improved battery life, and the iPhone 11 Pro stands out as a major step forward from the XS, and one of the best flagship phones of the year.

• Engadget

Apart from a bigger screen and better battery life, the iPhone 11 Pro is functionally identical to the smaller model. That’s not a bad thing, though: It offers a trio of solid cameras and top-of-the-line performance (though you might not notice the difference much if you’re coming from a recent iPhone). iOS 13 packs plenty of handy new features too, though it doesn’t do anything new to take advantage of the Pro Max’s big, 6.5-inch screen. All told, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is well worth the upgrade if you need a big phone, but be sure to try out the fast, cheap iPhone 11 before you pull the trigger.

• CNet

The best iPhone this year is the iPhone 11 Pro, but it's mostly because it has a full package of slightly better antennas, a better battery, a higher-quality OLED display, that added telephoto camera and an 18-watt charger in the box. (That charger should have been included with the iPhone 11 too.) But in most instances, except for that camera, I'm not sure I'd need it. I felt the same way last year when I compared the iPhone XR with the iPhone XS.

• TechCrunch

For people that want to address edge cases – the best video and photo options, a better dark mode experience, a brighter screen — the iPhone 11 Pro is there — for everyone else, there’s still fiscal 2020’s best selling iPhone.

• Pocket-lint

The iPhone 11 Pro Max pushes everything up an notch, with the great display and new camera being the highlights, while the lack of 5G is a future consideration. But this is an expensive device and it's hard to ignore that you can get much the same from the iPhone 11. A great phone, but with a tempting cheaper alternative.

• Wired

WIRED - The nicest iPhone you can buy, with a stainless steel frame, OLED display, and a matte finish on the back. Ships with the new, blazing fast A13 Bionic chip. Triple-lens rear camera captures ultra-wide shots, impressive low-light photos, and better Portrait Mode photos. 4K video at 60 frames per second with extended dynamic range. Better sound from the phone’s speakers. The longest-lasting battery of any iPhone.

TIRED - Expensive. These Pro-model iPhones, particularly the larger Max, are thick and heavy. The phone still has a Lightning port, rather than the industry-standard USB-C.

• BuzzFeed

Apple claims that the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s battery can last an additional five hours over last year’s model, which is consistent with my experience dog-testing the newest iPhone. The device’s display is gorgeous and as bright as the contents of Marsellus Wallace’s briefcase. Finally, “spatial audio” — which uses some updated hardware to create a sort of 3D audio effect around your head — is kinda cool, even if I have no plans to watch Godzilla: King of the Monsters on a screen it was never intended for.

• Tom's Guide

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the closest Apple has come to the perfect smartphone. The cameras truly are a leap forward and put the company ahead of both Samsung and Google — at least for now. And the bright OLED display nearly puts the Galaxy Note 10 Plus' screen to shame. The iPhone 11 Pro Max also sports the fastest phone processor you can get in its A13 chip and the longest battery life we've seen from any iPhone.

Although some may want to wait for Apple to roll out a 5G iPhone next year, there are very few reasons to skip the iPhone 11 Pro Max. My only big complaint is the 64GB of included storage (it should be at least double), and this phone is a bit heavier than its predecessor. When you look at the phone landscape, there are plenty of great flagships, but right now the iPhone 11 Pro Max is at the top of the mountain.

• Daring Fireball

Several times over the past few years, I’ve had conversations along the lines of, “I know they’re never going to do this, but wouldn’t it be cool if Apple made a real camera?” As the iPhone camera system evolves, I’m starting to think Apple is making a real camera, right under our noses — or perhaps better said, right in our pockets.

• Austin Mann

In short, if you are a serious photographer, get a Pro. Think of the extra cost as buying an extra lens — it’s worth it.

If you’re considering an iPhone 11, it has a great camera and is a big upgrade from any previous iPhone, even last year’s XS in some aspects. The most significant missing camera feature on the iPhone 11 is the lack of the telephoto lens, so if you really love/want the telephoto, you’ll need to upgrade to the iPhone 11 Pro.

• AppleInsider

If you're looking at the iPhone 11 Pro from the iPhone XS, it comes down to that camera, and maybe the battery life. We're not sure we recommend a one-year flagship-to-flagship jump, unless you have to have a new iPhone every year.

This reviewer is coming from an iPhone X as a daily driver, and the two-year cycle is a big jump. It is more than I thought it would be when I started assessing the new unit.

It is an even bigger shift in the iPhone experience overall if you're coming from an iPhone 8, or anything with a physical Home button. But, regardless of old habits dying hard, getting an iPhone 11 Pro of some sort is absolutely a jump worth taking if the iPhone is integral to your daily life and your iPhone is feeling pokey.

If the iPhone is just an assistant, or your Mac is the primary device in your life, stick with what you have, or get the iPhone 11.

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antw: De reviews van de iPhone 11 Pro en iPhone 11 Pro Max
reactie #1 geplaatst: 18 september 2019 - 18:56
... en mogelijk dat de kleinere afmetingen van de iPhone 11 Pro hierop ook van invloed kunnen zijn.

Zéker weten dat dit voor velen een reden is (om te kiezen voor de 11 Pro ipv de 11). De extra telelens en het OLED scherm worden (bij wijze van spreken) “op de koop toe genomen”.

Als Apple een “iPhone 11 SEX” op de markt zou brengen (nog compacter dan de 11 Pro) dan zou dat de bestseller zijn.
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επιτέλους το κατάλαβα
antw: De reviews van de iPhone 11 Pro en iPhone 11 Pro Max
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De review van Austin Mann is aan het het nieuwsbericht toegevoegd.

Een aanrader, en vooral de moeite waard voor alle fotografen onder ons (amateur en pro).
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