Geheugengebruik Chrome versus Safari
19 februari 2021 - 07:27   
geplaatst door: puk1980


Browsers eating RAM

I reached a point where I could barely hear the podcast I was trying to listen to. That's how loud the fan was. Then I closed down all open Chrome windows, and a few minutes after, the fan went silent. So I decided to see if it was just me.

How I measured
I ran the 2-tab test in a completely fresh macOS install on a virtual machine. Then I ran the 54-tabs test on my own Big Sur installation, but with all extensions disabled. To record a usage snapshot ~250 times per second, I used psrecord.

meer ...

So no, it's most likely not as bad as it looks, but that doesn't change the fact since switching to Safari, I almost forgot what my fan sounds like.

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Geheugengebruik Chrome versus Safari
19 februari 2021 - 09:26    reactie #1
geplaatst door: MacFrankie
Chrome eet geen geheugen, het vreet geheugen! Dat kan ook bijna niet anders, met al die phone home functies...
Op mijn werk heb ik al Windows, thuis wil ik geen systeembeheerder meer zijn!