Apple Silicon M1: Black. Magic. Fuckery.
25 november 2020 - 07:35   
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Een bonte collectie quotes van de eerste M1 gebruikers.


Apple Silicon M1: Black. Magic. Fuckery.

These are the words used by the user holdagold on reddit to describe their experience with the new Apple Silicon M1 Macbook Air. Rarely does a product leave people effusing to the extent Apple Silicon M1 has done this week. At best, you get the people who really care about a system’s internals very excited like we saw with Zen 3’s launch recently. For everyday users who just want to browse the web, stream some Netflix, maybe edit some documents, computers have been “perfectly fine” for the last decade. We’ve seen incremental year over year improvements with slightly more performance, slightly more battery life, marginally faster SSD, somewhat thinner design, etc. But something genuinely new, something revolutionary, something once in a generation has been missing. I believe the Apple M1 represents something we can truly call “revolutionary”.

Before we proceed, it’s essential to set the context that I’ve only used two Apple devices in my entire life - a personal 2013 MacBook Air and a 2019 MacBook Pro that I got through work. Everything else has been either a custom-built PC, Windows laptop, or an Android/Windows Mobile smartphone. Even for a “PC/Android Guy”, I have to admit what I saw this week is something special. I believe it’ll go down as a significant milestone in computing history on par with some industry-defining chips like Intel’s 8086, 386, 486, Pentium, Conroe or AMD’s K8, Zen, etc. I hope for the return of Moore’s law and awakening of the x86 manufacturers from their slumber as this will be the “slowest” CPU Apple will ever make.

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