Gebroken glas op een iMac, iemand?
geplaatst: 15 september 2019 - 00:46
Naar aanleiding van een topic op een Canadees forum kwam ik er achter dat gebroken glas dat bij recentere iMacs zogenaamd "gefused" is, toch kan worden gescheiden van het (nog werkend) LCD scherm.
En dat met véél geduld, babyolie en dental floss nota bene.

Ik geef hier de link voor wat ie waard is, en voor wie het aanbelangt.
Spaart zomaar effe een reparatie van om en bij de 800 €!

Sorry, I did not take any pictures. Nor did I put them back together. I cracked the outer glass on my iMac and just bought a new screen + glass assembly to fix it. Since the LCD panel is still in working order I decided to take a shot at separating the two. There is a ring of double stick foam tape, the same stuff that holds the glass panel to the aluminum housing on the iMac. Break through that with a guitar pick. Then with a LOT of patience, a credit card and some baby oil you can separate the screen from the glass panel. Don't use heat or METAL objects, just be patient and take your time. Braid a couple lengths of dental floss together to get. The middle where your credit card can't reach. If I were to put the screen back together, I would probably just use the same 3m foam adhesive strips I used to reattach the new screen+glass to my iMac and forget the goop in the middle. My original plan was to find a gutted 21.5" iMac body, install the screen in it with an lvds > HDMI adapter + a compatible power supply to make the 21.5" cinema display that never was, but quickly scrapped the idea because apple uses a non standard LVDS that no one makes an adapter for. And there are no gutted iMac bodies to be found.

Update (08/20/2015)
Just want to say that it is possible to separate the two . contrary to popular belief, they are not "fused" with UV glue or epoxy or anything like that. There's a relatively thick layer of silicone based non-curing adhesive holding them together. I scraped about a 1/4 cup of of it off the screen when replacing the cracked glass panel. FWIW, it smells EXACTLY like post it notes and baby oil eats right through it. Just don't use anything metal to scrape it off the LCD display.
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Dan heb je de glasplaat er af... en dan moet er een andere op met exact die troep er tussen. Dat krijg je handmatig toch nooit voor elkaar zonder het te kunnen zien?

En dan moet je ook nog een glasplaat los kunnen bestellen.
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