MacFreak History

MacFreak is the name of the website and online community
It was established in 2001 and is meant for and consisting of all users
of Apple products.

In this community everything regarding products, services and software
from Apple and everything that has to do with this is being shared. The
content is for a broad community of people interested in this, both private
and professional.

The current website of MacFreak stands out because of the online forum
and the news pages. Both are very active, with new pages added daily.

MacFreak in numbers

MacFreak has a more than 100,000 unique visitors per month. These
visitors spend on average more than four minutes on the site. 80% of
these visits originate from the Netherlands, 10% from Belgium and 10%
is identified as coming from other locations (also via VPN connections).

• More than 55,000 indexed pages
• Over 15,000 registered users
• More than 525,000 posts by users in close to 60,000 topics

Possibilities for advertorials

MacFreak offers advertisers the possibility to have advertorials placed within
the news section of the site, containing links to the site of the advertiser.
The advantage of this approach is that the news article are persistent,
they won't disappear over time.

Because of the good pagerank of MacFreak in search engines like Google,
the pagerank of the linked page(s) will benefit as well. This way the position
of the pages of the advertiser will benefit in organic searches in all search
engines, including Google.

Cost of advertising on MacFreak

The standard price for the placement of a complete advertorial written by
the advertiser is euro 450,- excl. BTW, with a maximum amount of 1,800 words.
MacFreak always reserves the right to adapt pre-written advertorials, altered
text will never be published before all parties are in agreement, of course.

The text can be provided by MacFreak as well, the cost for writing and
placement of an advertorial are euro 550,- excl. BTW per instance.


Robert Benschop

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