Bugs terugrapporteren aan Apple
geplaatst: 10 maart 2019 - 11:52
Discussie over het terugrapporteren van bugs naar Apple.

Discussie op HN.


The Sad State of Logging Bugs for Apple

You find a bug in macOS or iOS. Something in the software isn’t working the way it should work. You decide to let Apple know, and head over to http://bugreport.apple.com and login with your Apple ID. You fill out the required form, list the reproduction steps, hit the special key chord to generate a fat sysdiagnose, attach some screen shots, and hope they fix it.

What happens to your bug?

All bugs are tracked with an internal application called Radar; internal Apple employees simply log bugs directly into this application. External people use the website “Bug Reporter”, which only shows specific developer interactions with the bug, and hide all other details of the bug. Those details are engineer comments, progress on the bug, when they “expect” to fix it or which build it is fixed in, and priority. Priority is important for bugs; they are considered “unscreened” if they don’t have a priority set. Bugs with a high priority (1) are highly likely to get fixed, whereas bugs with a lower priority (3 or 4) are not likely to ever get fixed. 

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